Recruiting Process

Hello there!

If you landed here, that’s probably because you’re looking for a new job or maybe you’re simply curious about Everli and our recruiting process.

If that is the case, then you’re in the right place! 

Otherwise, no worries: you can keep reading, maybe you’ll find some useful information as well (-:


We look for talented, smart and nice people to work with.

We look for people who want to have a positive impact in the life of millions of others, challenge themselves every day and do that through the means of technology. 

We look for people who don’t get discouraged when something is difficult, finding joy when a solution is found.

We look for people who want to work together, be curious, eager to learn and always ready for a joke!


Our process may slightly differ according to the specific role. Anyhow, the following steps should give you quite a precise overview.
The length of this process usually lasts less than 6 weeks.

  1. Application
    Step duration: 1 week
    What: All the applications we receive are collected into our ATS (Applicant Tracking System).
    Hiring Managers filter this pipeline weekly; if they see a potential fit, they will get back to you with an email with more details on the job position, the process and some simple tasks assignment.

  2. Tasks
    Step duration: 1 week
    Time required: 2-4 hours
    What: We ask you to solve up to three simple assignments.
    We do this because we believe that in this way we can have a glimpse of several aspects for an engineer: how they face a simple problem, how they over/under engineer a solution, whether they comment (or not), if they have a clean approach and so on.
    In order to respect candidates’ (unpaid) time, we are not asking to solve big and complex problems, which can require a lot of time.

  3. Hiring Manager Interview
    Step duration: 1 week
    Time required: 1 hour
    What: You’ll have your first video call with the Hiring Manager, who is a Senior Technology Leader in our organization (potentially, your manager).
    In this interview, we might want to ask you something about the task that you submitted.
    The main part of the talk will be around a “Design Thinking Exercise”: it will be a discussion on a generic problem (some real-life-product-feature).
    We want to face it together and see your approach (decoupling the building blocks, finding the constraints, how you make assumptions and simplification…).
    We don’t do whiteboard, pair programming etc.
    The second part of the call will be around behavioral questions: look at the STAR framework if you want to be prepared!

  4. “In House” Interview Loop
    Step Duration: 1 week
    Time required: 2 consecutive hours
    What: If you pass the first interview, we ask you a couple of hours of your time to have another couple of interviews, one with a Technical Lead and one with someone non-tech (usually a Product Manager or a UX/UI Designer).
    The technical interview will be similar to the first one, while the second one will be focused on soft skills and behaviour.
    Bonus Tip: These face to face interviews are the time where we really get the chance to know each other better.
    These moments are extremely important, but they must work in two directions: we, as Everli, have to understand if you can be the “right one” for us, but at the same time you should understand if the company is the “right one” for you as well; so, don’t be afraid to make any kind of questions to the interviewer.

  5. The Offer
    Step Duration: 1 week
    What: All the people that you met during the process (The Hiring Committee) meet together, and they discuss so that the Hiring Manager can make the final decision.
    If the outcome is positive, we are going to call you for an offer to join our team.
    At this point, our HR team will assist you with everything you need for the onboarding.
    If the outcome is negative, we call you as well to give you proper feedback and we’ll share with you the reasons why we took this decision.


Before the Covid emergency, we usually had a physical onboarding in our Verona headquarters. The onboarding lasted two weeks and we took care of all the travel and accommodation expenses.

Since March, we have been forced to digitalize the onboarding, which now entirely happens remotely and online.

Before Day 0, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the necessary credentials (company email, Github, Slack, Jira & Confluence, …) and your Onboarding Plan, a document that guides you through your first two weeks in Everli.

In addition to that, we pair you with a Buddy, someone in the company (not in your team!) who can help you become familiar with the processes, tools and the likes.


In Everli everyone can benefit from several perks, no matter the seniority, job title or geography!

  • Flexible working hours and location (we value outcome, not output)
  • Paid Leave
  • Work Laptop of your choice (Mac/PC)
  • Training Budget (for books, conferences…)
  • Welfare Budget
  • Everli grocery discount (if you live in a place where we deliver; if not, just wait – we are always expanding!)
  • Bi-Annual Performance Review Cycle
  • Annual Team Offsite


  1. Why in your Job Openings do you consider only applicants within the Schengen Area?
    This is for mainly two reasons: if we do not work in the same space (since we’re a fully distributed team), at least we should try to work at the same time.
    We have flexibility in our working hours, but considering candidates that live in Europe will let us have quite a good overlap between the different time zones.
    Also, this will greatly help the logistic processes related to the Offsite: when we organize these team building events, we are sure that no one is excluded because of VISA or bureaucracy issues.

  2. What is the type of contract that you offer?
    It depends on where you live: if you’re living in Italy, it’d be an employee contract, otherwise it’d be a freelance one.
    Anyway, our ambition is to remove any differences between the two options: we look for people that want to join our team, working conditions and perks should be equally fair no matter where you live.

  3. Will I receive feedback on my application?
    Due to the high number of applicants, we can’t provide feedback to all.
    If you reached at least the Task or the Hiring Manager step in our pipeline, we’re committed to giving you written feedback (i.e.: email)
    On the other hand, if you reached the In House Interview Loop final stage, you’ll receive a phone call with the feedback details.

  4. I’m a contractor; how does payment work?
    You just have to produce a monthly invoice and send it to our HR & Administration team.
    If the invoice arrives by the end of the month, you would be able to see the bank transfer in your account not later than the 10th of the next month.

  5. Sooo, do you really never meet each other?
    No, of course we do!
    We usually meet in person when we start working together (during the two-weeks-onboarding), and at least once per year, during our Offsite retreat.
    Offsite is a very important moment because it gives additional fuel to our team bonding! That’s why we spend one week together, doing team building and fun activities (go-kart races, sports, hackathon, …)

    In addition to this, we have our own office in Verona, and we would be happy to greet you there anytime you want to pass by.
    Unfortunately, this year has been quite an extraordinary one (in the literal sense of it), therefore all of this is necessarily suspended, but we can’t see the time to get back these initiatives!