A Strategy for Scalable Business Logic

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Or: How to kill off the if branch.

Everli has changed a lot in the past years! Not only by growth in raw numbers, but structurally.

  • From just Italy into multiple countries.
  • New kinds of business partnerships and customer relationships.
  • New types of retailers.

(And that’s not even mentioning external changes like new government regulations)

Feature Creep Can’t Be Stopped

So imagine you’ve got some code. It’s readable, it met all the requirements, very elegant!
”Okay code, now meet the real world.”

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println("Hello World!")

Oh no! It’s not my IDE!

Sorry for the pun, we just couldn’t resist!? So, Hi everyone and this is the Supermercato24 (S24 from now on) tech blog, because we always wanted to share all the information and, why not, the knowledge we are gathering, with the rest of the world!

Here writing is just a team of 17 people (but growing!) who will publish a few articles every now and then, with all the challenges we experience everyday in our roles and hoping a few fellow programmers can find useful what we share.

The goals of our company keep us sharp everyday and, most often then not, in soft-skills too! In fact, we intend to share a lot of insights on: how we are building our culture, how we are getting better at on-boarding new hires and how we stay focused (have you ever heard of table tennis? ?).

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