Uppy Updates!

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Do you remember our project: “Uppy” ? Here’s our previous article! It has grown and now also the backend is open source!

The backend is (also) yours!

It took some time in making it ready for the public but, the very heart of the project is now open on Github for everybody to perform surgery on! 💉 😜

Go grab it here: github.com/everli/uppy

Of course, it’s fully dockerized and running it locally or on premises is just a breeze plus it follows the standard Laravel guidelines so that you can feel at home from the beginning.

Try out new features!

During this time we added also a few new features that made our PM(s) really happy, let us know what you think of:


Final users can now be presented with changelogs depending on their browser language. The changelog can be written in markdown and it supports GIFs! Look how beautiful it is!

Adding a changelog
Changelog displayed on a smartphone

Install percentages

Now the UI tells how many users installed the latest version of the app and the rollout percentage too! Quick and easy, but very useful.

The dashboard displays rollouts and installation percentages

Dismissing vs Forcing

The biggest change we made was to change the concept of “Forced update” to the one of a “Dismissed build”. Basically, we used to flag an update as mandatory and then the user couldn’t use the app until the update took effect.

Now instead, when we mark an update as “dismissed” it means that only the user which is using that build needs to update to the latest build.

This is especially useful when an update contains a critic bug or when – for any reason – the build was corrupted.

This way, we can push only users who really need to update instead of bothering everybody.
You can see the “Dismissed” flag in action in the previous image.

What’s next?

The backlog for Uppy is pretty long and one of the first point is to be able to share a roadmap with all of you!
But immediately after that, there are:

  • Improve the UX
  • Creating an official Bitrise Step for Uppy
  • Support Android Bundles (.aab)

In the meanwhile, feel free to open as many issues on Github as you wish and thank you for reading this far.


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