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println("Hello World!")

Oh no! It’s not my IDE!

Sorry for the pun, we just couldn’t resist!? So, Hi everyone and this is the Supermercato24 (S24 from now on) tech blog, because we always wanted to share all the information and, why not, the knowledge we are gathering, with the rest of the world!

Here writing is just a team of 17 people (but growing!) who will publish a few articles every now and then, with all the challenges we experience everyday in our roles and hoping a few fellow programmers can find useful what we share.

The goals of our company keep us sharp everyday and, most often then not, in soft-skills too! In fact, we intend to share a lot of insights on: how we are building our culture, how we are getting better at on-boarding new hires and how we stay focused (have you ever heard of table tennis? ?).

We acknowledge that this is a monumental task that every company or startup should be scrupulous about, if its important that it stays healthy for a long time.

We think here at S24 we are doing something good: 100% of the developers we hired decided to stay after the “trial-time” and everybody is currently jubilant of their on-boarding experience, nonetheless we hope that sharing it with you might also bring further improvements.

I know what you are all thinking now: “Wait, wasn’t it a technical blog?” and of course there will be succulent articles on: how we architecture code for better maintainability, how we peer-review to get better together, but also how we overcame some problems in our favorites languages and frameworks!

Yes, even if I din’t mention it before, in the company we use a bunch of cool technology: Elasticsearch, Vue.js, Laravel, Swift and Kotlin, but also Go and Python from time to time, and this is just to name a few! Every new project we might decide to try out something new if we are willing and if it makes sense.

Therefore, we can assure there will be an enormous quantity of topics to talk about! So click that follow button, smash that RSS feed link and be sure to stay tuned.

One little note before the next article though, will this content be the right pick for you? We can’t promise anything but: if you are passionate about languages and framework as much as we are, if you are trying to learn something new in the technology we mentioned above, if you find your devs bored of the drill, then this will be the right place for you! Even if you are just leveling your skills and wondering how to deal with all the tech, it will still be worth reading.

Fun fact: 100% of our developers wasn’t hurt to write this content, one got hurt playing ping-pong during the brain storming phase ?.


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